W-GATAP Family Unity

Family Unity Show is where the family of mankind gets together to SHARE. 
We have special guest in from time to time. Most times we talk about Healthy ways to live and be happy. 
Good Music and plenty of JOKES. Get that nice drink, some writing material, put your thinking cap on...LET’S SHARE! 

We also host great parties and business networking events–join us for our next event– see the ad below.

TFUN-Family Unity Show

on Blogtalk Radio website


Graceway Ministry Sometimes we have guests to come by and enlighten us on certain topic involving the Spiritural Things of life.

If you have never tuned in to Graceway Ministry internet radio show, now is your opportunity! If you have access to the internet, go to this web site: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/TheFamilyUnityShow

No matter what time of day or night you have available to listen, you will be able to hear any of our previous episodes (podcasts) by clicking the links.
You can set reminders to have the show email or send a text message to you, so you don’t miss one minute of our show. There is also a live call in number to use during the live broadcast of our shows.

WARNING: We’re not like your regular churchy meeting. So keep your exit way clear…for you are only a click away if it gets too hot in the kitchen…’cause, WE ASK QUESTIONS.
Please, don’t sit back and believe everything someone else tells you. READ.
You know what to do…get comfortable, get that nice drink and let’s share, for we want to KNOW.
Live Call-in Number: 1-(347) 215-6711


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